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18, Ribi
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Spolna usmerjenostHetero
Višina5' - 5'3" [150cm - 160cm]
Teža100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
JezikiAngleščina, Španščina
Sramne dlakeObrita
Velikost prsiSrednji
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I am very excited about role playing and a man who knows habalr hot and sweet ... I also love the game with the feet (I love to masturbate with my feet)
O meni
I am a young girl, honest, sweet and tender with a great sexual appetite ..
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I do not like a man without education, always be a hair with me and will correspond in everything you want

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My favorite movie

Lolita (1997 film): The story of the obsession of Humbert Humbert, a teacher in the middle, by the twelfth Lolita is an extraordinary love novel in which two explosive components take part: the "perverse" attraction to nymphet and incest.

My fetishes

"You got a fetish for my love

I push you out and you come right back..."

I love BDSM

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Make me number 1☆
Make me number 1☆
I dream of one day being among the best
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Komentarji (18)
18. 02. 18
She is extraordinary with an amazing body. I love her.
12. 02. 18
You wake up all my senses, every time I see your eyes and your body!!! My rate five stars and much more...
27. 01. 18
gorgeous girl with so much sense, love you mi corazon!
26. 01. 18
Amazing, best show in a long long time.. recommended ;)
23. 01. 18
шикарная куколка
22. 01. 18
Charlote possesses a character that is beyond her years in class,maturity and sophistication****bined with her youthful beauty,she is one of the top contenders on this site and a personal favorite of mine.And I will bet cold hard cash she has a high I.Q. as well.You are awesome Charlote and we all love you!!
8. 12. 17
por favor, no te cases conmigo ... moriré en el primer mes ... por agotamiento ... moriré feliz, por supuesto, pero aún soy demasiado joven para morir.
17. 11. 17
GOD BLESS COLOMBIAN WOMEN!!!!!! Especially this one!! Charlote is the kind of woman that once you watch her you won't be able to get her out of your head.
14. 11. 17
11. 11. 17
super sweet. I will come back again.
I love selfies! ☺☺☺

❤❤❤I wish you a happy Valentine for everyone, especially my best friends who for a long time have supported me in my best and worst moments, thanks. ❤❤❤I love you very much, you will be forever in my heart ❤❤❤

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